Selected Clientele

K4 a.s.
The complete service needed for realization of christmas party as well as for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the company for 250 people.
united people s.r.o.
technical ensurance of fashion shows held in shopping centres in the Slovak Republic and the sound distribution of promotional events held by the company
Talent Galaxy
technical ensurance of the music production needed on fashion shows including Styl and Kabo trade fair.
Nike (Joga bonito)
sound engineering and moderating serial of football matches, which were held during two months concurrently in Pargue and Brno.
Společnost Instrumentářek
music and culture event during the national symposium, held in Brno, Voronez hotel
Alstom, ABB
sound engineering, djs booking for the two-day compnay team-building facility
Penam (leading Moravian bakery trust)
sound engineering for the company party
music service for the company party event
seriál of University parties
during whole year
Czech Streetball federation
music service